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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Cabin on the Creek

Stayed at this rental for a month.  Located near Otis, Oregon.  Laundry machines were in the shed in front of the car.  It was used for three different rentals.

The neighbor's cat would come over from time to time for some attention.  Very friendly.

Have to pet her before getting in the car or else. 

We used the door on the front deck.  Coming in and going right brought us into the dining room, then a small living area, kitchen and past the cabinet on the left was the toilet, sink and shower.  Refrigerator/freezer made a noise that sounded like a cylon from the TV show Battlestar Galactica that was on in 1978-1979.  Also made a noise that sounded like bubbles from an air machine for a fish aquarium.      

The main living room.  We didn't use the front door in the photo.  JoAnn watched lots of TV.  Had cable TV, which we don't have at home.  Around the right were some steps to the next level.  The couch was very uncomfortable but the black chair was nice. 

This was also in the living room.  It is a pillow of some kind.

Up some steps and around the corner.

And up some more steps.

This is the main bedroom.  No toilet up here.  Had to go down the steps to the kitchen where the bathroom was located.  JoAnn didn't want to walk the stairs several times a night, so she slept on the sofa downstairs in the kitchen/living room area.  I read a lot of books while here.  The black chair was comfortable.  

It was nice and cool downstairs but got warm upstairs.  No air conditioner in the house.  Only had one window that opened.  I put the night stand on the bench and the fan on the night stand.  The warmest it every got upstairs was 78 degrees. There were a few nights where it got down to 65 degrees and I had to close the window.  Most nights it got down to 70 degrees but it was much cooler downstairs. 

So once you came up the stairs.  You could go down a few more stairs to this little area.

This was the office.  No the chairs were not comfortable, but this was the best place to get the internet for our computer.  The owner had glasses full of pens and even a tape dispenser.  There was no cell phone reception here so we were able to use the landline at no extra cost. 

Back outside and around the house was a sitting area.  Nice and super quiet here and in the house.  You could hear the creek running by.  Neighbor's dog would bark once in a while but never more then fifteen seconds, maybe ten times during our stay.

Not the best photo, but had a little creek going by. So what do you think of this rental house?  Post your views in the comment section. 

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