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Monday, June 06, 2016

Walking on the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail

The Waterloo-Pinckney Hiking Trail runs through both the Waterloo and Pinckney Recreation Areas.  Some of the trail is open to hiking, horses and bicycles.  There are horse only trails and bicycle only trails in the recreation areas.  All of our hiking was done in the Waterloo Recreation Area.

One day we went from the Discovery Center out to Lakeview.  Another day we parked at the Park Headquarters, walked the Hickory Hills trail then to the Discovery Center and back.
Some of the trail was nice like this but other spots were almost overgrown.  We did a lot of twig breaking trying to clear the trail.

We thought it was interesting how this tree broke when a dead section fell on it.

This vine wrapped itself so tightly around another vine that it almost looked like a rope.

Wild turkey by the Eddy Discovery Center
Six spotted Tiger beetle - see the spots on the tail?

This turtle was doing a hard climb away from the water.
I believe it to be a Blanding's Turtle

Time for some flower sniffing.

I believe this is a honeysuckle bush. 

Sorry this is blurry but it shows the flower from the top.  It's kind of like an open hand... four petals open one way with one petal opposite them.

We only ran across this one place where the flowers were crowding the trail.

Don't know what they are called.

These flowers were tiny.  Less than pea sized.
The other walks we took were from the parking area off Mt. Hope Road.   Almost an hour in each directions. So for the east (right) of Mt. Hope Road, we went past the third road crossing.  The map doesn't seem right because we walked a long ways between the 2nd and 3rd road.
Wished we had time for more hiking here.

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