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Monday, June 06, 2016

Cascade Falls, Jackson, MI

So Cascade Falls cost $31,000 to build and the city is planning a $29 million renovation.  Wow!


Starting up the steps

Notice the planter boxes in the middle.
Lights in one of the fountains

Looking down from the top.

The wind was blowing earlier in the day and this planter box got soaked with chlorinated water.

Music was playing and lights on three towers were being coordinated behind where I took this shot.  You can see the cables box on the steps with cables run under a tunnel made of wood.  Saw at least one person trip over it after it got a little darker outside. 

Occasionally the wind would come up a little so the flag would move.  It came up just in time for this patriotic shot.


This is where they changed the lights to make it look like the colors were coming down the falls.

See the kids playing at the top of the falls?

I changed the camera option to "Dramatic" for a couple of photos.

For the show that started at 9:30, the music and the lights were coordinated.

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