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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monument Valley

The view from the Visitor Center starting in the north and moving to the south.   That's Sentinel Mesa.  Some of this post is messed up.  Just keep going through the first few photos.  Double click to enlarge them so you can see the details better.


You can see the road that leads into the valley.  West Mitten, East Mitten and Merrick Butte.
Nolan did a close up so you can see the semi truck navigating the narrow, rocky and very bumpy road.  We could hear the vehicle rattling from the viewpoint.   It had unloaded equipment for the Disney film "Lone Ranger" starring Johnny Depp that is being filmed in the valley.

The Jeep our tour guide drove around the Valley so we could see the sights.

From the left - Sentinel Mesa with West Mitten Butte in the foreground.  I think the next one is Big Chief followed by Castle Butte.

Merrick Butte

Three Sisters

This is Camel Butte but I just don't see the resemblence.

Nolan out on John Ford's Point.  This is the place a lot of western movies were shot from.

A close up so you can see Nolan really was on the point.

Merrick Butte from Ford's Point.

Different view of Camel Butte.

Profile of Geronimo

This is really hard to see but the leftmost  place that juts out from the side of the Thunderbird Butte is what looks like a Thunderbird.

This one is easier to see in person.  It's called Sleeping Dragon.  See the head to the mid-left of the photo with the body to the right?

A close up of the head of the sleeping dragon with a horse in the foreground.

Another photo of the Thunderbird with Three Sisters and Mitchell Mesa in the background.

Pile of capstones that have fallen off Thunderbird Mesa.

The Hub.  Looks like a hub of a wagon wheel.

It's hard to see the pictographs her by Sun's Eye.

Sun's Eye

Ancient dwelling tucked up to the side of the butte.

Sun's Eye from a distance.

Moccasin  Arch

Lizard tracks in the sand.  Looks fresh.

Our guide standing in Big Hogan

Our guide J.T. played the flute for us in Big Hogan.  It echos in there.  The following is a video of him playing the flute.

The hole in the roof of Big Hogan.

Totem Pole

Sand Spring Aquifers.  Rain and snow melt drains down through the sand to form this spring.  T.J. said he has never seen the spring dry up and he's lived in the area all his life.

Totem Pole on the rigth with the Yie Bi Chei (Navajo Spiritual Gods) on the left.

T.J. said this was Red Rooster Rock but I don't see it on the park map.

Looking toward Artist Point Overlook.

View from North Wintdow Overlook.  There was a film stage here set up for Lone Ranger.

I saw this from North Window Overlook.  It's not Elephant Butte but it looked like one to me.

Bad time of day to be trying to take a photo of Thumb Butte.  From slightly back of this angle, it looks like a cowby boot.

Nolan says Sentinel Mesa looked like a rhinoceros.

Just west of the town of Mexican Hat on the way back to Bluff we saw this canyon backed up by the cool looking hills in the back.

Mexican Hat got its name from this formation.  It looks like a sombrero.  This is a 2,500-ton boulder that is 60' wide and 12' thick balanced on a 200' cliff. 

Another view of Mexican Hat

Those crazy colored hills by Mexican Hat.

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