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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lost Canyon Jeeping

Part II of our Jeeping trip. Nolan's at the wheel for our trip to Lost Canyon.

Leaving Hwy 24 behind, we start to climb.

After the first couple of miles the road is level and gravel but very wash-boardy.
Then it narrows, turns and climbs.

We climb through lots of aspens then break out above the tree line. Here's the Jeep at the end of the road. The following pictures are a panoramic view going to the left.

Looking out over the Twin Lakes.

Then the town of Twin Lakes.

See the "bowl" on the mountain? There's still some snow outlining one side of it.

Of course the view was way better than it looks in the photos.

I took this photo of the trail on the way back down the mountain

Where the roads intersect there is a two room cabin whose roof is falling in.
the back of the cabin.
A view of Twin Lakes from the back of the cabin.

If you look real hard you can even see Leadville.

Just a look at some of the crooked aspen that line the road.
Halfway back down we stopped at this overlook.

Nolan taking a gander at the view.

Just loved the look of the twisted aspen between the others.

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