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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seaplane Flight

Passing through Coos Bay we noticed a sign advertising sea plane (float plane) rides. After seeing it several times we decided it was time to go for a flight. The day was too foggy to go out towards the ocean so we went north instead.
The dock area when the float plane is moored.
Looking out the back of the plane as we take off.
A barge in Coos Bay.
More of the waterfront.

An island in the bay.
A wood chip shipping yard. That little speck on top is a big bulldozer pushing the chips around.
The RV park at The Mill Casino.
A ship loaded with logs headed to China.

No this isn't snow. It's sand and those spots are ATVers out having fun. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation area runs from Coos Bay to Florence and there are lots of access points for people wanting to play in the sand.
More dunes. Those are lakes surrounded by dunes and some of them are privately owned.

Ten Mile Lakes by Lakeside.

Lots of logging up this way. You can see hills that have recently been logged and those in the process of regrowing. Makes for a patchwork of greens and browns.
Another logging yard.
Coming in for a landing. Yes that's my fuzzy head on the right.
Close to splash down.
Ok, so this isn't us coming down but it gives you an idea of what it looked like from outside the plane.
Angling toward the dock. We've turned in twice as many dollars in cans as this plane ride cost.


Anonymous said...

What great pictures and info on Coos Bay. Thank you ! What kind of camera were you using?
Cheers !

Suzi said...

I actually live in Coos Bay, and wanted some info on the plane rides to give a friend as a surprise birthday present. Your presentation was great as well as your photo. Thanks keep RVing, Suzi