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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Winter Destination

We got to Sunscape RV Resort by Casa Grande, AZ on October 1st. We were getting all set up and this is what I spot. Yep, a nail in the tire. Nolan was taking it off the next day so he could take it into town and he notices the tire across the way looks low. He pulls out the tire pressure gauge and it reads 30 psi. As usual we had checked them the morning of the 1st before we hit the road. The one with the nail in it was at 102 psi so we aired it up to 110 psi like it is supposed to be. All the rest were fine. Nolan took the one with the nail into town and they said it couldn't be patched or plugged so he bought a new one. Only $375! Yep these tires are expensive.
Once we got the second tire off, we found a nail in it. This one the shop was able to patch. During five years of living in our RV full-time, these are the only nails we've gotten in our tires.
Last spring we stayed on this RV site for two weeks and liked it so we rented it for six months this winter season. I didn't get the Activities Director job here until fall but it worked into our plans. As you can see, the site is on a corner.

Nolan got on top of the trailer and took some photos. We're in a lot that backs up to the outside so there's no one behind us. This is looking south.
This is just to the left of the previous photo. People walk their dogs around the outside of the fence.

This is the view to the west... in front of the trailer.
This is the front gate. Most residents have a card they swipe to open the gate but as an employee, I received a clicker. So much easier.
...As you drive past the Welcome Center, you can see the west side of the Clubhouse. Didn't take a photo of the front side so you'll just have to imagine it. LOL The saquaro cactus is a replacement. The much older, armed one that was there was toppled by wind last spring.
This is the east side of the clubhouse where a small separate building housed the post office.
Next to the Clubhouse is the Community Center. This is where events that need a sound system are held.
The pool sits behind the Clubhouse and beside the Community Center.

View of the pool from the road. Still seeing the back side of the clubhouse.

Inside the Clubhouse is seating for meals and card games. The kitchen is in the clubhouse and meals are served from it three times a week during the season.
One side room has a fireplace.

My office is also located in the Clubhouse. This photo is from my first day at work and I am in training. The air conditioning isn't working so it's probaby 80° or more in there. The a/c was repaired on 10/8/09.

This building is the Activities Center. Most card playing is done here. It also holds a library, a billards room, a weight room, a laundry room and a conference room.

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