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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gates Pass hike

On the 29th we drove the car out to Gates Pass to hike the trails. At first the trail climbs gradually. It's very rocky.
We get to a plateau where one trail continues on and Gates Pass Trail goes off to the left. If we followed this trail in front of us, we would have ended up where we left off on our last hike in Tucson Mountain Park.
The Saquaros and other vegetation cling to the mountain side.
At the middle left of this photo there is a Saguaro skeleton. This woody skeleton supports the heavy water-storing tissue of the cactus.
Once we got to where the trail petered out, we looked back down the valley to the parking lot. Parking lot in lower left.
Gates Pass Road can be seen from where we climbed.
Just another photo of the trail.

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