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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sentinel Peak

If you've looked at my previous posts, you've seen the photos of Sentinel Peak that we can see out our back window.
We decided to ride to the top. The road really isn't that windy but there are quite a few speed humps.

The big building just to the left of center is the county jail facility. Just right of center there is a road that runs straight south. Just to the south of where it ends we could see out our truck and trailer. Of course we had binoculars with us.
This is the I-10/I-19 interchange.
Look how knobby that saguaro is!
Sentinel Peak is also called "A" mountain due to the huge "A" on its side that is a symbol of the University of Arizona.
This is looking NNE. You can see Mt. Lemmon from here. It's over 8,000' tall and there's a ski area at the top.
View of downtown with the Santa Catalina Mountains in the background.
The big wash is the Santa Cruz River. As you can see, it is dry right now.
Another shot of the Santa Catalina mountains but look at the top of the photo. Just one of the many helicoptors that fly over the city daily.
Helicoptors aren't the only things overhead. The big jets circle over A mountain to line up for the airport. Often there are military jets in the air practicing manuevers.

The sun is just sinking below the mountains to the west.

I liked the big white home we passed on our way up the hill.
OK, in a previous post I told you to remember the shape of Picacho Peak. Well you can just see it in the left center portion of the photo. From Sentinel Peak you can see how Tucson is in a valley with mountain almost all the way around it.

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