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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Arivaca Road

A friend recommended we take a trip down Arivaca Road so that's what we did today. This is a curvy road so Nolan didn't get many photos.
Well he did get me going around this curve. We had to be so careful because it was open range and there was sand in the road on a lot of the curves.
We stopped at the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge to see if we could see any wildlife.
The BANWR covers a lot of territory.

I reached for a brochure and saw the only wildlife we found in the park.
The "pond" is barely there because of lack of rain.
No Gila Monsters here.

This sure is a big tree.
We continued our ride through Arivaca west to AZ 286. Don't know the name of this interesting peak.
In the middle you can see the observatory on top of Kitt Peak.
There were other interesting mountains but we didn't always stop for a photo.

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