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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Road runner at a friend's house.

Loaded up and finally able to go. Left Arizona on May 24.

Had to stay around a little longer.  On April 6, I (Nolan) became battery operated.  Here is a sample of the size that is in me.  

This is the monitor.  Have to have it 10 feet from where ever I sleep.  Green light goes out in the dark.

This is the new 202 around the west side of Phoenix.  Super nice.  

Out into the country and out of Arizona.

Into Nevada.

Travel Lodge Motel in Hawthorn, NV.  $77.00 for the night.
Monday morning.  Not much traffic out here.

Metal cut outs.

Wagon and oxen metal cut out.

Finally into the green.

More traffic, but loved the view of the snow on the mountain.

Not the best picture, but it is a metal cow and her calf.

Getting closer.  

Siuslaw River Bridge.  Into Florence and home sweet home.

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