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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Terrace Avenue - Arcata, CA

Moved up the road to Arcata, CA. This had two separate units.  We had the top unit, July 18 to July 28.  The people below parked between the rail and their unit.  You can see where we had to park our car.  Wasn't able to use the garage but then I doubt we could have even got into it.  The neighbors below us were some what quiet.  Had a townhouse to the east of us.  Didn't see much of them.

This was the driveway to get up to the unit. 

Car was parked to the right, we walked up the steps.

Come into this little area and have to remove our shoes.  Which is fine we do that at our own home.

These stairs go down to the garage where the washer/dryer are located. 

These stairs go up to the main part of the unit.

Living room area.  Hallway is to the two bedrooms and bathroom.

From the living room is the kitchen and dining room. 

View from the kitchen sink window.  Seemed to be around up to six vehicles parked here at different times.  But they were quiet.

I sat in one of these chairs.  They are more comfortable then they look. 

One of the bedrooms.  Had a queen bed.  Liked the wood ceilings in the bedrooms and living room dining room. 

This is a door to the "back yard".  You can see the door in the bedroom in the photo before this.

The second bedroom with the double bed.

In the bedroom with the double bed, just a different view.

Bathroom.  Toilet was located behind the door. 

Liked the double sinks.

Never used the a/c or the heater.  This was the hottest it ever got in the unit.  We would open up the kitchen window when it warmed up inside and closed it in the mornings when the crows started crowing or/and the neighborhood dogs would start barking.  Coldest it ever got in the unit was 66 degrees.  Got to love it!!!!

Plates in the unit.  Bowls were cool looking too.

This was located over the inside entry stairs.  Pretty cool when the sun was shining through it. 

Located in the bedroom with the queen bed.

Compliment  ale.  Tried one.  After a couple of sips it became drain clean.  Nasty!!!

They also had coffee, but neither of us drink coffee.  did have these cookies that were excellent.  (photos and written by Nolan)

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