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Friday, September 23, 2016

European river cruise - The MS River Adagio

After 10 1/2 hours in a plane and a 1/2 hour van trip, my sister, Jolene, and myself finally made it to our home for the next two weeks, the MS River Adagio.  As you can see, sometimes we had to pass through other ships to access ours

The forward Skydeck is where the wheelhouse is located.  The wheelhouse, awning and forward navigation tower can all be lowered to go under low bridges.

Most of the Skydeck is up six more steps.  All railings, awnings and deck furniture must be lowered to go under low bridges.

Night shot of the ship in Vienna.  The lit area is the dining room.  We had two of those windows right on the water.

Lower Skydeck with awning and forward navigation arm lowered.

Upper Skydeck with awnings lowered.

Upper Skydeck with everything, including the railings, down.

Ship's lobby - looking forward to lounge with sliding doors on both sides for access to the Skydeck

Lobby - looking aft with stairways leading up and down to rooms, dining room, library and exercise room.

Landing one level down from lobby with access to public restrooms, elevator and some rooms.

Our room after we were settled in and had made a mess of it.  The beds fold down from each side.

My side

Our restroom with shower (curtain was removed to be cleaned this day) and toilet.  If you've never been to Europe, the box on the wall above the toilet is the flush activator.

Sink was just in front of toilet

Looking back toward our cabin's entry door, you can see the desk and the closet.

Hallway to our room

Lounge in forward section of ship.  Bar is just to the right out of the photo

Dining room set up for lunch service

Better photo of the River Adagio when it was docked at Rudesheim

Docked at Rudesheim, Germany

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