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Monday, July 07, 2014

The Mariners' Museum - Newport News, VA

We spent 4 hours in this 120,000 sq ft complex of museums and didn't get it all done before the museum closed for the day.   

The largest museum is the USS Monitor Center.  I didn't even get it done completely.  This posting will sometimes be out of order time-wise because we will be following the development and building of both the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia.

So cool!

Never seen one of these before.




There was a wonderful show on the battle.




There was a huge section on the recovery and restoration of items from the USS Monitor including the turret.

Full-sized replica of the USS Monitor.  Can you see Nolan?

He was hanging out by the propeller. 
There was a large museum dedicated to the history of the US Navy's role in the commercial and diplomatic history of the nation and the world.

This is in the gallery that explores the naval career and fighting skills of Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Another section was the story of oceangoing commercial steamships.

Amazing detail.

You can even see the figurehead.

Even a trip to the restroom was a chance to learn.

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