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Monday, April 29, 2013

Zion National Park - Day 1

This little fellow greeted us before we even got to the Zion Visitor Center.  He might be a Common Sagebrush Lizard

We got started too late so it was warm.  We walked along the river on the Watchman Trail for a short distance.   

If only the colors in these photos were as rich as they are in person, they would be great!

These are some of the named peaks that can be seen from the Visitor Center.  The one on the left that had a cap on it is West Temple Peak, the highest in the park.  It's the highest peak in the park.  The next one (white) is sundial peak.   The third one is hard to see in this photo but it looks like the third one if you count the ones in the foreground.  Anyway it's called Alter of Sacrifice.

The other named peak we can see from this point is the Beehives.  They're the white ones in the right background.  Very interesting looking.   Double click to enlarge.

The only way to get around Zion Canyon in the summer is by shuttle bus.  These run so often that they are a very easy way to get around.  This is a short bus pulling a bus trailer.  What's cool is that the rear wheels on the towed bus also turn. 

Cool views along the route.

We went to the start of the canyon and walked the Riverside Trail up to where the canyon walls crowd in close to the Virgin River.  The spot where the cliffs close in on the river is called the Narrows.  People are allowed to walk up the river here if the conditions are right.  The water was too high when we were there so you couldn't go up the narrows.

The following photos show some of the things we saw on our walk.

It looks like there had been a rock fall on some of the trail so we were rerouted close to the river and the rangers used some interesting equipment like this small tractor with a lifting, tilting bucket.

Where the work was being done on the trail.

The rock hung over the trail in this spot.

Rain water seeps thru the sandstone until it hits harder rock.  At this point if flows out to the edge of the cliff.  The constant water allows plant life to flourish.

The end of the trail where people walk up the river if the conditions are right.

I liked this tree growing in a crack on the edge of the rock. 

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