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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fire and Removal

The fire was from a faulty refrigerator.

The owners here not in the motorhome at the time of the fire.

A crew came in to remove the motorhome. 

First had to use this wrecker to lift the front of the motorhome to get the jacks up and to undo the brakes.  I liked the painting on the side of the wrecker.

Lot of sidewalk supervisors.  Was funny to listen to them on how things should be done.  Like the crew doing the job had never done this before.

Wrecker came around to the back to hold the motorhome from rolling away.  Had no brakes at this time.

This flatbed truck then pulled the motorhome out of the site. 

Then down the street.

To this interesting trailer.

The truck was in netrual with the air brakes off.  One of the crew had a remote to move the trailer, the axles and the winch to move the wire hooked to the motohome.   

Loading up the motorhome.  As the motohome went up the trailer, the trailer moved back pulling the truck with it.

Behind the slideout was where the refrigerator was.

Here the sidewalk supervisors were wondering if the crew was going to tie up the front door.  All worried about it.   Also you can see the axles were moved back.  All can be done by the remote control.

Loaded up and leaving the park.  The truck is a Peterbilt.  Nice looking truck too. 

Pictures and posting done by Nolan.

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Anonymous said...

Wow crazy how much damage can be done quickly. By the way, it's winch not wench. You can delete this post once you fix the grammar error, LOL!