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Monday, August 06, 2012

B&B's and Miscellaneous

Ashdene House by Avoca.  Jolene's favorite of the trip.

We saw quite a few houses with the door knob in the middle of the door.

Our rooms either had two twins or a twin and a double bed.  No queen beds to be found.

Dining room at Ashdene.

View from our window at Hilltop House by Killarney.

Duinin House.  My favorite of the B&B's.  It's by Dingle.

Saw lots of large yuccas on the Dingle Peninsula.  This on the front yard of Duinin House.

Duinin House had a glass conservatory that was half dining room and half lounge area  There were also regular rooms for dining and lounging.

Other side of the conservatory.

We saw a lot of young girls dressed in tights and shortss.  Sometimes the shorts were quite short.

Bought these at one store.  Absolutely yummy!!!!
Corofin Country House B&B.

Our room at Corofin Country House

Breakfast at Corofin Country House

The last B&B we stayed at.  It was rated a 4 star but it was the one I liked the least.  Definitely didn't have parking for all the vehicles.

The grocery store we went into.  I wouldn't call it a supermarket and I think the stores didn't get any bigger.

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