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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wrigley Mansion

This mansion was built by William Wrigley Jr. as a 50th wedding anniversary present. It is built on top of a hill with 360° views.

This grass would be hard to mow.
The front of the house.
A view from the front porch.
The ceiling just as you step into the entry.
A cantilevered staircase goes around the entry.
There is a very small room in the entry called the "gum room". The walls and ceiling are covered in gum wrappers.
The main living room.
One of only two Steinway pianos built this size. This one was rebuilt as a player piano.
Mrs. Wrigley could sit anywhere in the room and start the piano playing the song of her choice by pushing the corresponding button on this remote.

Photo of Mr. Wrigley who died in this mansion in 1930.
The bathrooms are all tiled in Catalina Tile, a business owned by Wrigley on Catalina Island, which he owned.

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