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Saturday, September 27, 2008

On The Way South

We took a different way south this time. Hwy 56 in KS was a wide road but it got skinny when we got to OK.
I was guessing whether or not we would see mountains before we got to New Mexico then I saw this peak off in the distance while we were still in OK. Ok the windshield was covered in bugs.
Just into New Mexico we heard a loud pop and looked back to see stuff flying from the passenger side of the trailer. Yep a blown tire. Thank goodness by this time, Hwy 56 had a nice paved shoulder.
We pulled the spare out and it didn't need air. We had to put the good tire up on boards so the jack would fit under the trailer.
The mud flap had gotten bent up over the top of the tire so we had to remove that first.
The old tire was in pretty bad shape. As always, we had checked the pressure in all of the tires before we had started the day's journey.
The tire bent this rod to the slide out so we didn't know if we should put the slide out that night or not. The next day we talked to the manufacturer and they said it was ok if we were careful. Just one of the parts we are getting to make repairs.
Later we stopped at a rest area and these antelope were grazing nearby.

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