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Thursday, June 01, 2023

The Lincoln City Roadside America Run

I finally got JoAnn to go on a ride and check some things out in Oregon. First stop was Newport.

Orca statue

Suppose to be ships docked at port.  Are little shops.

More like the backs of ships?

Bed and Breakfast Riverboat.

USCG coming home from patrol and maybe even training.

The seal docks washed away in a storm, so now the seals are on the rocks near by.

Close up. Quiet this day.  Looked to be all sleeping.

Interesting reading.

Lincoln statue. 

Not the best photo.  The plaque needs to be cleaned. 

13 feet high and 18 feet long.  

Spark was made out of recycled steel, round bar, and retreaded tires.  The pieces were each galvanized separately to protect from rusting. 

Another plaque that needs improvement.

Seal statue. 

Drove the pickup on this trip.  Lots of steps to the top.  We didn't take them, this was just a place where we parked when we went and looked at the seal statue. 

Happens every year.  Have to be careful of sneaker waves.  Water along the Oregon coast is around 50 degrees.  

Hardy little flowers growing on the beach area. 

Interesting looking house.  


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