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After 12 years of full-time rving, we've sold our truck and trailer but we're still traveling. Email us at wowpegasus@hotmail.com if you would like to contact us.

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

November 2020

Got stuck behind someone doing 35 mph on 101, stopped here for a break to let the slowpoke continue on.  There isn't a sign telling a person what is here so this was an added bonus.

(as always you can click on the photo to make it bigger)

Works the best when the tide is coming in.  Was a foggy day, but I didn't care.

This is Thor's Well.  Also known as the Drainpipe of the Pacific.

Water goes into the well and then like the top photo it disappears.

Stopped at Waldport Port of Alsea.

I have been here before.  Watch the people load up their boats.

The gal in the pink pants was telling the guy what to do the whole time.

This was the first time I have ever seen someone load a boat this way.  All the others drive the boat up onto the trailer.  

Left Paradise on November 6.  Ran into snow near Susanville, CA.   

A few miles down the road all was clear again.

Stayed at the same motel in the same town when we went up north.  This showerhead was great for anyone under 5 foot.  Not for JoAnn or I.

South of town came up onto snow and it was 28 degrees.

Signs were all snow covered.

Further down the road it was clearing off

Later on come up behind a snowplow.

After the snowplow turned off and a few more miles we came onto more snow.  Traffic had slowed down to 40 to 45 mph.  It was 25 degrees at this time.

Cleared off again and was able to pass the vehicle we had been following most of the morning.  HDT pulling a horse trailer.

Rain the rest of the way to Las Vegas.

Made it back to the dust bowl of Arizona where we spend the winter.

Was told this is a Coopers Hawk.  It has been catching and eating rabbits and mourning doves almost every day.  Plenty of them around in the 55 plus community.

At the local library which is hooked into the high school was this F450.  Black truck with vinyl stickers on it.  

Covid-19 has hit our little community in the last two weeks.   Eight people who have come forward and posted on the community's Facebook page that they have been tested positive for covid-19.  But I can see the problem when I go into town and to different stores.  No masks to just covering the mouth and not the nose.  No wonder Arizona has a problem. 


Sunday, November 01, 2020

October 2020

Out hiking with JoAnn around Lake Marie.  Can always click on the photos to make them bigger.

Guy out fishing on Lake Marie.

Umpqua River Lighthouse.  Located south of Winchester Bay.

JoAnn plays pickleball.  I go and explore Oregon.

Most of the time I never seen anyone else, but this day I did.

Located at Bob's Creek.  Was amazed on how close I was able to get to it before it got nervous.  I backed off and walked away.  Was still there when I got back to my vehicle.  

Does this mean I (Nolan) needs to go on a diet? 😬

Rainy day with JoAnn.  She was driving her car, I took the photo of the Sherwood sign.

Tight fit on this national forest road.  

Just another beautiful day in paradise. 

Same area.

Alsea Bay Bridge at Walport.

October 20, JoAnn says it's time to turn on the furnace.  Who ever gets up first turns it up to 70 degrees and at 7 pm one of us turns it down to 65 degrees.

Rail road across Fiddle Creek Arm of the Siltcoos Lake.

Two way traffic on Ada Road.

Early morning.

I'm on a national forest road and going to turn onto Booth Road /181.  As you can see Google maps needs to do some updating.  I did send some feedback about this.

Our shredder took a dump in four months.  Contacted the company and they are sending a free one.  They did ask the questions on if I oiled it and what I was shredding.  Never oiled it.  Was told have to oil it once a month or every time I empty the basket.  Also not suppose to shred labels and envelopes because of the adhesive causes problems on the blades.  Had a Walmart special for over twenty years, never oiled it and shredded envelopes all the time.  Never a problem.  

Highway 36 east of Mapleton.  Further there is a place to park and can walk between the guard rail and the fence.

Go down 105 steps and up them when done.

People come here to slide down the rocks and cool off.  There is also a fish ladder.  No one around on the day I went and checked this out.  This is called Lower Lake Creek.

Egret and ducks

Out for a hike with JoAnn and she noticed this snake.  It was a nice sunny and cool day at 55 degrees.  Maybe to cold for the snake, it didn't move much.

Same trail with JoAnn

Out by myself on NF-5326.  Came around the corner and saw this.  Startled me until I saw there weren't any tire marks.

This was on the back bumper.

Wonder what the story on this car is?

More of NF-5326.

More of NF-5326.  Started raining pretty good at this time.

NF-1045.  Very muddy road.  

Abandoned camper.   

Some strange characters along highway 101.

Hope you had a great Halloween.  
JoAnn and I haven't had any trick or treaters since the fall of 2004.