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Thursday, October 01, 2020

September 2020

First part of the month was still enjoying going out on National Forest roads.

This is called Camp Creek Falls.  I was surprised when JoAnn and I were workamping at Loon Lake we never checked this out.

Out hiking with JoAnn.

Neighbors moved out.

JoAnn and I decided to get a second computer.  One for her and one for me, instead of sharing one.   This one we purchased on-line through HP.  Wrong thing to do.  It took a dump in three months use.  Can't take it into a service place, have to FedEx it to a service place in Texas.  Got it back in three weeks.  They fixed one problem, but not the other.  Will never buy another HP again.   

Ice Cream for Labor Day.

Alert on cell phone.  Wind from the east, warmer temperatures and smoke smell from the forest fires.  Pretty nasty for three days.  But way more nasty for the people who lost their homes and businesses.  

One of the days outside of our house.

Green area was shut down except major highways.  Most of all of Siuslaw National Forest.  Closed all boat ramps, campgrounds, hiking trails and national forest roads.  Caught in any of these and would be no less then a $5,000 fine and possibly 30 days in jail.  Was closed down about three weeks.

Clearer skies.  Did smell like smoke for a day, but the wind from the west cleared it out fast enough.

Since I wasn't allowed to go on national forest roads, I visited Depoe Bay and went up to Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewport.  This is looking south as the fog is coming in.

Boiler Bay view to the north.

Just a scenic shot. 

Different pull off.  Surfer.  Was a lot of people living out of their cars.  Came to the ocean since the air was cleaner then to the east.  All motels were filled up.  At this time all national forest campgrounds were closed.

Frog in our back yard.  Have heard it at night and during the day.

A different day.  Heceta Head Lighthouse. 

Located at Newport.

Bridge at Newport.

A lot of days and nights have this warning for boaters.

Haven't seen this one yet.  Don't want to either.

Seal Rock State Recreation Site.  Wind blown trees.   

Watched the waves hitting the rocks. 

House located south of Yachats.  

Scenic view.

Private house that use to be a lighthouse.

Stopped at Bob's Creek again.  Saw lots of these clumps of clams all over the beach. 

In person is so much better.  Waves were seven to eight feet tall.

Scenic view.

Sandpipers on the rocks.  Sounds like a drink, doesn't it? 😀

Summer is over. 😢  The watermelon is to small and over overpriced.


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