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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

August 2020

Know who this is?  JoAnn says it is, Cousin Itt from the munsters tv show.  I never watched the show.  

                                 Logging on a national forest road.  

                                               Fire truck for the loggers.

Veal Cutlets. 

Scenery.  Was a little concerned of meeting a logging truck on the skinny gavel road.

Felt better when on this road.  Plus did meet three logging trucks on this road.

Coolest temperature in the house.  Bottom left side is the number.  No didn't turn on the furnace either.  Haven't had it on since the end of May.

Forest fire along side Highway 38 near Scottsburg, Oregon.  One lane road.

Forest fire. Read later it was caused by a malfunction of a trailer trailer.  Whatever that means.  Maybe chains dragging on the ground? 

I asked JoAnn in July if she would like to go to this.  Never got an answer.  When she was gone a week to Iowa to visit family and go to a wedding, I went to this.  Parts you can walk around and parts you drive through in your own vehicle.

Patagonian Cavy.

Pink Flamingos



Guard shack.  To keep an eye on the animals and stupid people getting out of their vehicles.

Grey Crowned Crane






Black bear.  This is as close to one I ever want to be.

Elk.  Nice rack.

Even let motorhomes in here.

Canadian geese.  They are everywhere now days.


I think this is a Common Cape Eland.  If I am wrong let me know in the comments.


Sika Deer. 

Tibetan Yak

Whitecheek Gibbons.

Asian Nilgai


Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger.

Out in the parking lot.  Serious spiked wheel nut covers.

Logging truck heading for Coos Bay, Oregon on the 101.

ATV made out of driftwood

Whatever it is, made out of driftwood.

Rash and wasp bite are no longer itching.  This stuff worked.

Hottest day in August and this summer.  Top number.  Happened on August 15.  House doesn't have an air conditioner so shut the windows and close the blinds.  Cooled down enough by 8 pm to open back up again.  

Woahink Lake.  This is a very small area of this big lake.

Got laugh on the painted sides of this one lane road.

Fiddle Creek Arm Siltcoos Lake

Google maps says this national forest road goes through.  Gate is locked and the road is now a field.

I thought this railroad trestle was abandoned, but trains do run from Coos Bay to Eugene with cut lumber.   Located north of Gardner, Oregon.

Was hoping to be able to drive or walk down to it, but the road is blocked with a gate and a no trespassing sign.

Scenery shot.

Came up onto another national forest road that no long exists, but google maps says it is there.  This road ends up onto private property.  Sent feedback to google maps to change this and others. 

Just liked the sign.

Stopped at Bob's Creek long the 101 to check out some tide pools.

See the little crab?  There were three others, but I was to slow on taking the photo.  They went into the water.

Newport, Oregon Marina.  Stopped to look at the boats. 

Nice boat.  Favorite one.

Our Stargazer Lily popped out.  On another note.  JoAnn's knee is doing fine.  She has been playing pickleball.  But so far no hiking.  


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