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Friday, July 31, 2020

July 2020

                                           Mercer Lake.   
          (As always you can click on the photos to make them bigger)

                                            Mercer Lake

This is suppose to be a national forest road.  Even shows it as being so on googlemaps.  However it is now a hiking trail.  Once JoAnn is able to hike we plan to check it out.

          Celebrated the 4th of July with ice cream.

Went on the roof to check the moss.  The worse area was on the north side of the garage by the gutter.

Some of the other areas looked like this.  I took a small brush and cleaned off all of these areas.

Most of the roof looked like this and now all the roof does after I cleaned it by hand with the brush.

We found out that with a asphalt roof it isn't a good idea to use powdered laundry detergent on it.  So we will continue to use Moss Out.

Got this itchy rash between my wrist and elbow.  No idea where I (Nolan) got it from since when I work outside I wear a long shelved shirt, gloves, a hat, long pants and boots.   The first week I used Extra Strength Benadryl itch stopping Gel.  It worked for a while but the itching always came back.  Second week I tried First Aid Antibiotic and first aid.  Same thing.  Gave up and went to see a doctor.  Florence has a walk in clinic.  Got Triamcinolone Acetonide cream.  Suppose to use it twice a day for three weeks and then stop for a week and see what happens.  It's doing better then with the other stuff.  So far.  Will know more in August.

                          Planted this Stargazer lily in June. 

                This month it popped.  Still has more to come out.  

                                          Close up view of two.

JoAnn planted some Marigolds.  I should have taken a photo of them the end of July, they have really popped out all over the place.  

                        The Daisies are even doing good this month.

Came home from my walk one day and felt some pain on my wrist, slapped at it and looked down, was a black and yellow wasp, it fell to the ground, I (Nolan) left it and went inside.  Used StingEze on it.  Didn't do a thing.  Looked on-line and icing it said was the best.  Did that the rest of the day.  Twenty minutes icing, one hour not.  Have a tablet for ebooks so that helped pass the day.  The area is doing better, but still itching once in a while.  

JoAnn wanted a new cell phone.  Said hers didn't have enough memory for all the apps she has.  Unable to get more memory for the phone.  Her new phone is on the right.  I took her old phone.  The one in the middle. I don't need that many apps.  My old one is the flip phone.  Ten years old with the same battery and still works.  I'm giving it to a outreach group here in town.  they will find someone who can use it.

Foxglove.  JoAnn told me, now that I have her old phone she doesn't have to go along with me when I go exploring.   I use my laptop for mapping out a route on paper and then once I get out if it don't match up I can always check the phone see where I'm at.  Really haven't had to use the phone much.

I remember when I was a kid and would go out on family vacation with my parents.  My Dad would always take us on national forest roads out in the middle of no where.  Just so we could go on some hike to some lake or falls.   He just had maps.  We'd go on roads like this.  Grass growing up the middle.  I miss my parents.  :(   My mom passed in 2003 and my dad in 2016. 

It's interesting how some national forest roads are gravel and others are paved.

Came to the T intersection.  Here is a sign saying how far to the 101.  There aren't many signs out on national forest roads.  I'm going to come back to this road and go the other way.  Have it mapped out already.  

                                  This isn't smoke, it is fog.

                                  Cape Perpetua Lookout.

As you remember from last month we were waiting on the results of the MRI.  JoAnn went into surgery on a torn Meniscus.   I dropped her off and went home.  Got a call from the nurse when to pick her up.  She is doing better.  Not allowed to play pickleball or hike yet.  Maybe next month.  

Zombie foot!!!  It's just disinfectant stuff.  JoAnn had it from her foot to her thigh. 

Hottest day so far was on July 26.  Usually it never makes it to 70 degrees outside.  The house doesn't have any air conditioner.  Haven't had the need for one.  Yet.  

Pretty bad when you are driving a pickup truck and the motorcyclists go through the curves slower then you can.  I am amazed on how well this truck can take the curves.  

JoAnn and I workamped here the summer of 2010.  I asked her last month if she would be interested in going here to see if anything had changed.  No interest. 

                                           The lodge.

Have a place to lock up the firewood now.  Before it was bundled and stacked along side the building.

Also a fence from the maintenance building.  On the other side wood was stacked up to be cut and waited to be bundled.  Before the fence I'm sure a lot of firewood "walked" off.

This was where the managers lived when we workamped here.  Doesn't look good.  Hope everyone got out okay.

                                       The marina hasn't changed.  

Nice looking rig.  This was the bottom part closest to the water and it was packed.

Here was a houseboat.  The company bought one a couple weeks before we left for the season.  Doubt it is the same one they are using now.  

Lots of yurts all over.  These were new.  They had two when we were there.  More little cabins then before also.

This was a the area of the workampers.  It was in the upper area of the campground.  I was surprised there weren't any trees.  We had a couple of little ones on our site and other sites, but they are all gone.  Another thing I noticed was all the barking dogs.  Owners sitting and just ignoring them as I walked by and their dogs barking.  I don't miss that part of RVing at all.

This is Loon Lake.  I headed back to the highway and took some photos.  See the cabin?

                                        Here is a close up shot.

This hasn't changed in the last ten years.  Park your car on this side, take a boat across the lake to the cabin.  You might think this is great.  But think about it.  Every time you need something, you have to take your boat across the lake to your car and go get it.  

This is the small river out of Loon Lake to the Umpqua River.

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