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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

June 2020

Okay not the best photo, shooting it through the windshield of the car.  Doe and her two fawns.  (you can click on any photo to make it bigger)

The last owner left this shower curtain. 

We stayed with the sea theme.

The sea turtle and these three hanging on the walls in the main bathroom.

Lots of Salmonberry bushes outside.  Started cutting and pulling them out.  

Nasty.  Some of the thorns go right through the gloves we wear.

Last year JoAnn didn't like branches and other stuff in the back of her car.  Felt it would mess up the interior.  I suggested a truck.  Didn't just happen right away.  Took a while in Arizona for her to like the idea.  Wanted bright red or bright blue, extended cab with a 6.5 foot or 8 foot bed and four wheel drive.  

Went to Bone's Nursery and picked up some bushes.  Rhody's and Escallonia. 

The little bushes are Rhody's. 

Trying to get out at least once a week checking out the National Forest roads.  A lot fog coming in.  JoAnn is unable to hike.  Hurt her left knee.  Has gone in for a MRI.  Will know results July 2nd. 

Fun roads with the truck.

Lots of Foxgloves.  Little purple flowers on both sides of the road.

Never met anyone on this National Forest road.

There were some areas wasn't even able to get out of the truck to take photos.  

New growth.

BIG tree with lots of moss on it.

On a different National Forest road. Came around the corner.  It was Donkey looking for Shrek. 

Highway 101 bridge

Didn't do a very good job taking the photo.  No, I wasn't driving at this time.  These are new homes that have just been built.  On the other side is the ocean.

Guys out fishing.  June was a beautiful month.  Highest temperature was 70 degrees.  Did have a few rainy days, but still, WAY better being in Oregon then Arizona. 

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